About Me

I am an Episcopal priest, mom to two fabulous young women and wife to my goofy, creative and kind husband… who is not technically a Mainer, but who claims it anyway.

I am bi-racial East Indian, my father was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and most of that side of our family live in or near Mumbai.

I am easily amused and love to keep engaging new ideas, images, art, liturgy, stories… which has me reading a lot (both for work and for fun), doing some art, but mostly crafty stuff like knitting and coloring, painting badly and planting green things in pots. I write for work and for my mental health, and a blog seemed like a good place for some of that.

I have been an athletic trainer, a teacher, a dorm parent, a chaplain, a student (I do that a lot), and now am a priest, serving as a rector – and am constantly surprised by how much my varied experience to this point informs and serves this vocation.

This place: I am honored to be serving in the Diocese of Maine, with the fabulous congregation of St. Bart’s in our post and beam sanctuary. We are creative, vibrant, engaging, joyful and truly welcoming. Come and visit, it would be great to have you join us. Coastal Maine is remarkably beautiful, sometimes starkly so. Rock and sea, forest and fields, a place of many edges and juxtapositions, texture and pattern. The people of this place embody the same kind of contradiction and tension. Reserved and private, fiercely independent – people descended from the toughest of settlers who scratched out a life on the ledge rock and braved the harsh climate. And at the same time they are deeply kind and friendly, will lend a hand to friend or stranger, understand the life-sustaining value of community in a place of challenging climate and landscape.