Statement for the Diocese of Montana

“My goals for the Diocese of Montana begin with being a bishop who is fully present and actively involved in the ministry of parishes, as we build community across the distance through communication and pastoral relationships, raise up the gifts of the community, and hold fast to the whole by remembering that we are all in this together, one diocese = one church with several branch locations, all serving faithfully together.

Our diocesan systems would serve the mission and ministry of the parishes by being easy to access, transparent, and equitable, providing support for clergy and laity; through clear and easy lines of communication and building relationships within and beyond the diocese, we would form networks, collaborations and creative approaches to work, mission, and ministry.

Working together, listening to God and one another, we would face the challenges and joys of being the Church in the 21st century with faith and courage, pioneers of what is next, on behalf of The Episcopal Church.”